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Our Transport & Crane Rental Services

Khan Enterprises is Pakistan’s Leading Transportation and Crane Rental Company,
Providing the following services Inland Transportation and Crane
Rental Services Rig Moves Services Generator/Compressor Rental Services Rental a Car/Vigo services and OilField Rental Equipment (Frac Tanks, High Pressure Pumps, Nitrogen Pumpers C-Pumps, etc)
Khan Enterprises has company owned and operated fleet of trailers, fork lifters, cranes, Car/Vigo and OilField Rental Equipment (Frac Tanks, High Pressure Pumps, C-Pumps, etc)

Certified by third party of international repute (Inspectest, URS, Belmont Asia etc)
Our key objective is to earn the trust and confidence of customer by providing exemplary products as we are the firm believer of long lasting business relationships.

Transportation Services

We are providing Transport Services (40ft Trailers services (Single Axel, Double Axel, Low-bed), Hydraulic Cranes rental Services, fork Lifters, Mazda Trucks, and Car/Vigo Pickup Rental Services, etc) throughout Pakistan.

Generators Rental Services

We are also providing Generators (from 5KVA up 100KVA) & compressor rental services though-out Pakistan, as well as a host of repair, maintenance, tuning and engine overhauling services.

RIGS Mobilization Services

KHAN ENTERPRISES has the expertise to provide the transportation services for Drilling Rigs, with a trained and technical workforce, fleet of vehicles (40ft SXL/DXL trailers, Low-bed trailers), forklifts, and hydraulic Cranes. Khan Enterprises has a wide range of experience in Rigs mobilizations though out Pakistan.

Pre RIG Move Meetings:

Pre-Job planning is mandatory. Prior to beginning of any RIG move a pre-job meeting with the customer’s /client’s representative, Drilling Rig Manager, and Khan Enterprises supervisor is held, where the pre-job planning is executed.

Rig Move Planning:

A comprehensive survey for routing identification in order for smooth Rig mobilization.

 Journey Management Plan

Identification and elimination of hazards through Task Risk Assessment.

Rig Movement:

Rig Move Plan – Sequence of Loads Movements

Safety Meeting

Equipment & Crew to be organized.

Quantity and type of equipment needed (Trailers, Cranes, Low-Beds, Fork-lifters & Personnel)

Identify equipment that needs to be dismantled

Offloading under supervision of certified supervisors.

Emergency Response Plan:

To ensure that emergency numbers and plans are communicated to all team members as well as to share with customer/client.

Our Equipment & Machinery Services

Our Prime Movers & Trailers:

We are providing transportation services on rental basis, 24 hours in a day.
Our prime movers & trailers are up to the international standard. We have double/single axle prime movers & high/low bed trailers for highly quality transportation services.

Our Cranes & Fork-lifters:

Khan Enterprises provide services of Cranes as well as fork-lifters for daily/monthly/yearly rental bases & for Rig mobilization etc to the clients in to the region. We have ranges from 5 ton to 200 ton crane & fork-lifter from 3 ton to 10 ton.

Our Mazda Truck & Shahzor:

Our Mazda trucks & Shahzore are 24 hours available with wide ranges from 10ft to 20 ft for transportation of goods & services for our clients in the region.

Oilfield Equipment & Products Sale & Rental Services

We offer wide range of oilfield equipment like Slickline unit, Frac Tanks (Acid Storage, Drilling Mud, Water Storage), Diesel Generators, Containers (Furnishes & Non-Furnished) of all sizes, Batch Mixers, Stimulation products &equipment and construction machinery.
Slickline Unit (For Sale / Rental)


⦁ Dimensions = Two Piece Skid
⦁ Power Pack Module: (L) 1.17m, (W) 1.65m, (H) 2.425m
⦁ Winch Module: (L) 3.35m, (W) 1.50m, (H) 2.425m
⦁ Engine = Duetz F4L912/10B-05448 (47HP to 62HP)
⦁ Hydraulic System = 5,000 PSI / 38 GPM
(Denison T6DC-038-026-1R00B1)
⦁ Drum Capacity = (20,000FT 1/8” – 24000FT 1/8”)
⦁ Cable = 0 .108” of 18000-20000 FT
⦁ Zone-II = Yes (Kroma IP65-EJB5 / CPF-9T25E / Model-DS ) Cert # AD83297
⦁ Cable = 0 .108” of 18000 FT

⦁ Powerful 5,000 psi hydraulic system.
⦁ Fixed displacement hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor.
⦁ Capable of stable / logging at ultra-low speed.
⦁ Capable of fast acceleration at extremely high speeds for effective jarring.
⦁ Hydraulic tank – 150 liters

⦁ Max line speed at core – 1600 ft/min
⦁ Max line speed at rim/surface – 2700 ft/min
⦁ Max line pull at core – 9000 lbs
⦁ Max line pull at rim/surface – 5000 lbs

⦁ Drum capacity – 25000 ft
⦁ Designed for 0.092” to – 0.140” slickline operations.
⦁ Winch drum is driven by hydraulic motor via planetarygearbox with chain sprocket system.
⦁ Planetary gear box ratio – 5.17:1
⦁ Fail safe spring return brake

⦁ Powerful 4 cylinder JCB diesel engine provide 84 hp
@ 2400 RPM.
⦁ Standard starter is mechanical recoil spring starter.
⦁ Control voltage 24 VDC (by self-excited alternator)
⦁ Diesel reservoir – 80 liters
⦁ Engine controls – start & stop / RPM meter /
Monitoring and safety system.
⦁ Compact & light weight two or three wheel wrap
⦁ A pulley is required with the change of wire.


⦁ Ergonomic, safe and responsive operator controls
& gauges.
⦁ Hydraulic main pressure gauge
⦁ RPM gauge
⦁ Line tension valve
⦁ Throttle control
⦁ Winch direction and speed control valve
⦁ Air pressure
⦁ Brake control
⦁ Emergency stop button


⦁ Powerful air cooled four cylinder diesel engine
delivering up to 84 hp.
⦁ One or two drums for well servicing from logging to slick line and heavy duty fishing.
⦁ Comfortable cabin in a compact foot print.
⦁ Ergonomic, safe and responsive operator controls.
⦁ Minimum servicing requirements equals maximum availability.
⦁ Superior sound and thermal insulation
⦁ Reliable hydraulic system for smooth control and extremely slow logging speeds.
⦁ Optional slick line sophisticated control system for safe, high precision automatic operation.

Storage & Frac Tanks Sale & rental Services

Under the strict supervision of our experienced professionals, we are offering an innovative collection of Acid Storage Tanks that are used in diverse industries for storing acids and desired chemicals. These tanks are designed using quality materials and are ideal for storage of corrosive and non-corrosive fluids such as HCL, Solvents, and all other types of chemicals, water and drilling muds.
Our offered tank is availed in a variety of sizes, dimensions and other such specifications to choose from. The offered tank is precisely manufactured at our highly advanced manufacturing unit following industry distinct guidelines as our range is custom-manufactured to meet the clients’ requirements.
Product Details
Quantity 3
Total Storage Capacity 1500 bbls
Year of Manufacture 2016, 2017
Storage Material Acids, Chemicals/Oils, Muds, Water, As Per Custom Demand
Features ⦁ Horizontal orientation
⦁ Level Indicator
⦁ High Temperature Resistant
⦁ Compact Design
⦁ As Per Custom Demand

Mobile Storage Tank Rental

⦁ Mobile Storage Tank
⦁ Epoxy Coating
⦁ Long life and easy to clean
⦁ Zero dead volume
⦁ 100 % corrosion and maintenance free
⦁ 100 % leak proof


Batch Mixers Rental Services

50&100bbl batch mixers provide 100% uniform particle distribution, 100% uniform liquid coatings, the fastest cycle times, gentle product handling, the lowest energy consumption per pound of blended product per hour, and complete discharge with no segregation of blended products.
From fine powdered materials to coarse ground ingredients, our extensive portfolio of mixers and agitators insure accurate mixing off all types of products.
Product Details
Quantity 2
Storage Capacity 50 & 100BBL
Year of Manufacture Refurbished 2017
Mixing Material Acids, Cement Slurry
Features ⦁ Centrifugal Pump 01,
⦁ Agitator 02
⦁ High Temperature Resistant
⦁ Compact Design
⦁ As Per Customer Demand

⦁ Sea Containers Supply
We offer furnished and non-furnished containers based on our clients requirement.
Product Details
Quantity Sizes
Dimension 20x8x9.5 (As Per Customer Requirement)
20x10x10 (As Per Customer Requirement)
40x8x9.5 (As Per Customer Requirement)
40x10x10 (As Per Customer Requirement)

Centrifugal Pump Rental Services
Product Details
Size 11” & 14” Impeller Sizes
Suction 6’’
Discharge 5’’
Engine HP 127 BHP @ 2100 RPM
Full Load Static Fuel 6.89mm
Common Usage water, sewage, petroleum and petrochemical Industries
Features ⦁ Consistent and reliable flow
⦁ Improved productivity
⦁ Reliable seal integrity
⦁ Low life cycle cost
⦁ Compact Design
⦁ Long Lasting
⦁ As Per Customer Demand

⦁ Delasco Pump rental Services

Product Details

Suction/Discharge 65/50
Usage PCB process, chemical industry, circulated filtering, etching, plating, surface treatment, polluted water treatment process
Features ⦁ Consistent and reliable flow
⦁ Improved productivity
⦁ Low life cycle cost
⦁ Compact Design
⦁ Long Lasting
⦁ Outstanding Acid / Alkaline Resisting Capability
⦁ Corrosion Resisting
⦁ Easy to Assemble
⦁ Versatile Applications
⦁ As Per Customer Demand

Generators Rental Services

Our company as a reliable provider of diverse generator solutions designed to meet your power generation needs.
At Khan Enterprises, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of generators, catering to various industries and applications. Whether you require standby power for emergencies, prime power for ongoing operations, or portable generators for remote projects, we have the right solution for you.
Our generators are known for their reliability, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology. We understand the importance of uninterrupted power supply in today’s dynamic business environment, and our team is committed to delivering solutions that exceed your expectations.
If you are seeking a trusted partner for your generator requirements, we invite you to explore our offerings. Please feel free to reach out for more information or to discuss your specific power generation needs.

Product Details

Capacity 45~100 KVA
Fuel Diesel
Power Factor Single Phase/Three Phase
Features ⦁ Environmentally friendly
⦁ Lowest operating cost
⦁ Super silent gensets
⦁ Reliable, durable & dependable
⦁ Proven quality with superior local support
⦁ Salt Corrosion protection
⦁ Dual Voltage system

⦁ Air Compressor Rental Services

Product Details
Tank Capacity 50~250 LT
Power Factor Single Phase/Three Phase
Pressure 50~450 PSI
Driven Diesel Engine /Motor Driven
Features ⦁ Environmentally friendly
⦁ Low Level of Noise
⦁ Easy Maintenance
⦁ Reliable, durable & dependable
⦁ Proven quality with superior local support

⦁ Rental of Explosion Proof LED Lights

Product Details


        Power                               100~500 Watt
   Power Factor                    Single Phase/Three Phase
       Pressure                               50~450 PSI
       Features    ⦁   Environmentally friendly

⦁ Explosion Proof
⦁ Easy Maintenance
⦁ Reliable, durable & dependable
⦁ Proven quality with superior local support
⦁ As per customer demand
⦁ Crane Slings with Schakels


       Features    ⦁   Reliable, durable & dependable

⦁ Proven quality with superior local support
⦁ As per Customer demand

⦁ Tool Box Supply

Product Details
Features ⦁ Environmentally friendly
⦁ Reliable, durable & dependable
⦁ Proven quality with superior local support
⦁ As per Customer demand

⦁ Supply of Stimulation Chemicals Chemicals
Our company as a leading provider of a diverse range of high-quality oil field chemicals. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry.
Our extensive portfolio includes a variety of oil field chemicals designed to enhance production efficiency, mitigate risks, and ensure the longevity of equipment. Whether you require cutting-edge corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, demulsifiers, or custom formulations, our products are engineered to deliver optimal performance in diverse operational environments.
We understand the dynamic nature of the oil and gas sector, and our team of experts is dedicated to providing reliable, cost-effective solutions that adhere to the highest industry standards. By choosing our oil field chemicals, you gain a trusted partner focused on maximizing your operational productivity and minimizing environmental impact.
For a more in-depth discussion about our product offerings and how they can benefit your operations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the success of your ventures.
⦁ Nitrogen Pumping Units

Year of Manufacturing:
Maximum Working Pressure
Hydrostatic Test Pressure
Maximum Flow Rate
Minimum Flow Rate
Fuel Capacity
Liquid N2 Tank Capacity
Hydra Rig, S&S

2004, 2008,2010
15,000 Psi
15,000 Psi
180,000 SCF/hr
250 SCF/min
3,000 Gallon

Detailed Description Of The Equipment Make

Nitrogen Pumping Unit (90K SCF per Hr.) Hydra Rig

Nitrogen Pumping Unit (180K SCF per Hr.) Hydra Rig, S&S

2000 – 3000 Gal. Tanks Hydra Rig, S&S

⦁ Multi-Phase Fluid Pumping Units
Type of Pump:
Year of Manufacturing:
Fluid Ends:
Horse Power:
Maximum Working Pressure
Fuel Capacity Twin Pump Trailer
Haliburton Make, Serva, Total Equipment
2008, 2010,2012,2013,2014
Detroit 8V92 & Series 60 Engine
4-1/2” SPM Triplex & Quintplex Pumps
600-2000 HHP
15,000 Psi
4 Tanks with 1600Litres Total Capacity

⦁ Fluid Pumping Equipment Summary
Twin Pump Unit 800 HHP & 2000 HHP Halliburton & Serva
Batch Mixer 50 Bbl. Denisson
Batch Mixer 100 Bbl. Halliburton

Centrifugal Pumps MSI, DL USA

Wilden Pumps Wilden

Frac Tanks(Total Storage Capacity=2500bbl) SROS

⦁ Thru Tubing Tools
Thru-Tubing Intervention provides solutions for your wells’ fishing, isolation (both Inflatable and Metal-to-Metal) and casing exit needs. Innovative hardware, continuous improvement, best-in-class service, highly experienced personnel, computer aided pre-and post-job analysis and “flawlessly executed” system installation at the well site adds up to a unique combination of thru tubing tools, people and performance that assures consistently impeccable through-tubing intervention operations. IWSS’s Thru Tubing product portfolio includes standard BHAs, such as Motor Head Assemblies, Connectors, Check Valves, Disconnect Assemblies, Knuckle Joints, PDM Motors, Jars & Accelerators, Heavy Duty Pulling Tools, GS Pulling Tools, Spears and Overshot for different fish neck profiles, Fixed and Hydraulic Centralizers, Fixed and Rotary Wash Tools; Nipple and Tubing End Locators; Gauge Carriers; and the entire suite of downhole fishing and milling accessories.
Our comprehensive range includes a variety of Thru Tubing Tools, each meticulously crafted for efficiency, reliability, and optimal performance. From advanced milling tools to wellbore cleaning solutions, fishing tools, our offerings cater to a spectrum of downhole challenges.
We understand the critical nature of Thru Tubing operations, and our tools are engineered to enhance operational efficiency and maximize overall well productivity. If you are seeking tools that offer precision, durability, and innovation, we are confident that our product line will exceed your expectations.
For more detailed information or to discuss your specific requirements, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the ideal Thru Tubing Tools for your projects.