Our Services


Transportation Services

We are providing Transport Services (40ft Trailers services (Single Axel, Double Axel, Lowber), Hydraulic Cranes rental Services, fork Lifters, Mazda Trucks, and Car/Vigo Pickup Rental Services, etc) throughout Pakistan.



Generators Rental Services

We are also providing Generators (from 5KVA up 300KVA) & compressor rental services thoughout Pakistan, as well as a host of repair, maintnance, tuning and engine overhaling services.


070820091384RIGS Mobilization Services

KHAN ENTERPRISES has the expertise to provide the transportation services for Drilling Rigs, with a trained and technical workforce, fleet of vehicles(40ft SXL/DXL trailers, Lowbed trailers), forklifts, and hydraulic cranes. Khan Enterprises has a wide range of experience in Rigs mobilizations thoughout Pakistan.

 3.1: Pre RIG Move Meetings:

Pre-Job planning is mandatory. Prior to beginning of any RIG move, a pre-job meeting with the customer’s/client’s representative, Drilling Rig Manager, and Khan Enterprises supervisor is held, where the pre-job planning is executed.

3.2: Rig Move Planning:

• A Comprehensive survery for routing identification in order for smooth Rig mobilization. • Journey Management Plan • Identification and elimination of hazards through Task Risk Assessment.

3.3: Rig Movement:

• Rig Move Plan – Sequence of Loads Movements • Safety Meeting • Equipment & Crew to be organized. • Quantity and type of equipment needed (Trailers, Cranes, LowBeds, Forklifters & Personnel, etc.) • Identify equipment that needs to be dismantled (derrick, sub) • Offloading under supervision of certified supervisors.

3.4: Emergency Response Plan:

To ensure that emergency numbers and plans are communicated to all team members as well as to share with customer/client

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