Everybody who works for Khan Enterprises anywhere is responsible for getting HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) right. Good HSE performance and the health, safety and security of everyone who works for us are critical to the success of our business. Our goals are simply stated: No accident(s); No harm to people; No damage to the environment. It is the policy of Khan Enterprises to conduct all operations and to handle all materials safely, without creating unacceptable health, safety and environmental risks. We will; Assure that all applicable laws and regulations are known and obeyed. Conduct programs to safeguard employees, contractors and the public from injuries and health hazards and to protect environment. Work with others (our valued clients, partners, government and other sub contractors, if any) to raise the standards of our industry. Openly report our performance, good or bad. Recognize those who contribute to improve HSE performance. We, the employees of Khan Enterprises, pledge to adhere to this policy in letter and in spirit and make health, safety and environmental performance the first priority in our daily operations.

OUR MEDICAL POLICY In order to have productive and healthy manpower, Khan Enterprises have adopted the following medical policy for its employees. Comprehensive medical examination of its employees, on 3 yearly bases. For Drivers, eye examination shall also conduct from eye hospital. Satisfactory completion of medical examination is also a condition of employment.

OUR SAFETY PRINCIPLES All accidents, injuries & occupational illness can be prevented. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Management is directly accountable for preventing injuries and occupational illness. Safety is the condition of employment. Training is an essential element for safe workplaces. Safety audits must be conducted. Safe work practices should be reinforced and all unsafe acts and unsafe condition must be corrected prompted. It is essential to investigate injuries and occupational illnesses, as well as incidents with the potential for injury. Safety off the job is an important element of the overall safety efforts. Preventing injuries and occupational illnesses is good business. People are most critical element in the success of a safety and health program.

OUR DRUG & ALCOHOL POLICY   In accordance with our policy, this is to notify and remind all our employees and employees of other contractors and companies, that unauthorised possession or use of Alcohol, Drugs, Narcotics and other controlled substances are not permitted on any Khan Enterprises property, including automobiles wither own by us or hired by other sub contractors, and while travelling to and from the place of work. The use of, possession of, and/or distribution of such items poses a serious threat to the safety of our employees, other personnel and operations. Searches, inspections and analysis: Khan Enterprises reserves the right, at all times, to have authorised personnel conduct searches or inspections of personal effects, lockers, baggage, vehicles and quarters of employees and other personnel for the purpose of determining if any such persons are in possession of any illegal or unauthorised items. These searches will be conducted from time to time without prior announcement. Khan Enterprises also reserves the right at all times, to have authorised personnel conduct urinalysis of our employees for the purpose of determining if any such persons are using illegal drugs. The urinalysis, as well as blood tests, may be conducted for these purposes at the time of a pre-employment physical, or regularly scheduled physical, or from time to time without prior announcement. We not only have the right but the obligation, to conduct these searches, tests and inspections to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. Any company employee who refuses to submit to a search, urinalysis, blood test, or is found in possession of any such illegal or unauthorised items without an explanation satisfactory to the Chief Executive of Khan Enterprises, will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination of employment. Any other person having business with Khan Enterprises who refuses to submit to a search, urinalysis blood test or who is found in possession of any such illegal or unauthorised items without an explanation satisfactory to Khan Enterprises will not be permitted on any of our properties, automobile, facilities or installations. When appropriate, such items discovered through these company searches may be taken into custody and may be turned over to the proper law enforcement authorities. This policy applies to all employees of Khan Enterprises, sub contractors, and other persons involved with Khan Enterprises business directly or indirectly.

OUR DRIVING POLICY Recognizing that driving is the greatest risk faced by today’s industry, we have adopted the following driving policy:

Driver Qualification:  Driver should be literate and must possess a valid driving license.

Driver Training: Driver should be well versed and trained with Defensive Driving techniques (5 Seen Habits) from a qualified trainer.

Seat Belts: It is also a condition of employment. Driver and other helper(s) and passenger(s) should always wear a 3 point seat belt while travelling.

Journey Management: All journey(s) are properly planned. Pre-departure check of every vehicle is conducted by the concerned driver. Job Report proforma is properly filled in.

Fire Extinguisher:  All vehicle(s) should have 1 kg fire extinguisher, either DCP or COtype. 

Fist Aid Kit:  All vehicles shall have a first aid box/ kit. Medicine as per recommended/ standard list of Red Crescent Society, Pakistan.

Tool Box:  All vehicles should have standard tool box as per recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): All drivers and helper shall always wear proper PPE. This PPE includes, coverall, hard hat, goggles, safety shoe and dust mask. This may have some more items as per requirement and nature of job or requirement of our client(s).

Highway & Motorway Code Manual: All drivers and vehicles should always have Highway and Motorway Code manual with them.

Driver Improvement Monitor: This is presently in implementation stage.

Safety Procedure Our Company Drivers will check the following items before start of the journey;

  • Engine Oil level
  • Engine cooling fluid level
  • Tyre condition & pressure
  • Automotive lights
  • Spare tyre & jack.
  • Automotive Documents
  • Windscreen wipers and reservoir
  • Desert driver kit when applicable
  • Driver license
  • Helper
  • Seats belts
  • Helmet
  • Safety shoes
  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Our company drivers will remain in contact with company Head office from junction to junction

Note! In addition to above our staff always accompanied with Supervisor, Extra Driver(s), and Mechanics in order to meet with any kind of emergency jobs/tasks.

For KHAN Enterprises

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